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We definitely observe IP address with of the linking “SafalTrading” customers in our data source. If there is any type of misuse of “SafalTrading” Solutions, We will work with appropriate authorities to recognize users.

Note: “SafalTrading” website is operated by MY PROFIT Pvt. Ltd.

Comfort Statement

“SafalTrading” is aware of the importance of your privacy. At “SafalTrading” we are dedicated to defending the privacy of our customers. If and when “SafalTrading” gathers individual determining details, we maintain the privacy, security and reliability of that private details extracted from our customers. We do not share nor reveal private details to any party beyond the “SafalTrading” network. For your own protection, please review the following circumstances before becoming a member of “SafalTrading” . We want you to enjoy “SafalTrading” to the maximum, but we also want you to stay informed. Through signing up to “SafalTrading”, you are acknowledging our circumstances.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

Your use of “SafalTrading”, signifies that you accept to the terms and conditions defined below. If you do not accept to these terms and conditions, do not keep use any of the “SafalTrading” qualities. We source the right to modify, modify and or eliminate areas these terms at any time. If you select to keep your use of this web site after we have published changes to the terms, it indicates you have approved those terms. “SafalTrading” will not discuss your e-mail or contact details with anyone else without your authorization.

What kind of data does “SafalTrading” demand and why is it necessary?

All determining details “SafalTrading” demands from the consumer is totally kept private within the “SafalTrading” system. Individually determining details “SafalTrading” demands includes: your name, deal with, zip code, mobile number and e-mail When you sign-up as part of “SafalTrading”, we ask for your sincere reactions to this details so that we can provide you more wisely. “SafalTrading” will not sell, lease nor reveal any of this private details without your prior notice or approval.

More details we may ask for is totally optionally available and thereby available openly to other “SafalTrading” members. Such optionally available details may include but is not restricted to your interests along with passions. These details is created your own user profile page and may be utilized by other “SafalTrading” members.

Both your own and optionally available details will help personalize and enhance your “SafalTrading” experience by enabling us to deliver Group and Route details to you based upon your records. Our objective in inquiring your private details are so that we may provide you with possibilities by specifically guiding Categories, Programs, and ads that indicate your passions. While you receive details straight back, promoters never see or have access to your individual username and passwords. If we are required by law, or feel a user will benefit, we may deliver e-mail notices about products, companies and events.

A Term on Content :

Through your “SafalTrading” account, we offer you with unfiltered accessibility to other people's material. We cannot assurance the quality, nor do we wish to management the material with which you will have get in touch with. Normally, not all material will believe and entice each personal customer. Another customer's material may be unpleasant, dangerous or inaccurate; please use attention in knowing that customer details. Content from an personal member's web page or site does not indicate the viewpoint and objectives of “SafalTrading”. “SafalTrading” preserves the right to hold account or cancel a forex consideration that is regarded to be the cause of injury or disturbance with our privileges or residence, “SafalTrading”members and customers, or any personal that may have problems with such unsuitable actions. Furthermore, we may reveal customer details when needed to do so by law.

Trademark Guidelines :

Everything included within this website is belonging to “SafalTrading” or used with authorization. If you wish to re-transmit, use or duplicate any details for this website, you must have our precise published authorization. Possession or authorization must be obtained if you wish to modify or promote anything from “SafalTrading”. Violators of this policy will be handled in a serious and lawful way.

Liability and Caution As a person using this website, you are doing so at your own risk. Here at “SafalTrading”, we maintain our terms of use seriously. Our thinking behind such statements is that we are not responsible for any loss that may outcome from your use of the website.