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Fully Customizable

"Safal Trading" understand clients need, that's the reason we have different different trading plan for big trader also a very small trader, for long term plan or short term plan.


Guranteed Profit

"Safal Trading" not committing to give you 100% accuracy, but we give 100% profit gurantee.


Daily Updates

We updates 100% true performance on daily basis. So trust on "Safal Trading" and join hand together for a big profit.


Friendly Support

"Safal Trading" provide 24X7 support service. We have a team who will always be on touch on every trade. You can contact us by sms, messenger or direct call.


MCX Consulting Calls Pack

MCX Consultants,Gold Consulting Tips,Silver Consulting Tips,Crude Oil Consulting Tips,Safal Trading Consulting Tips

Consulting plan means traders or investors consult to our experts and ask for best service. In this plan you have to pay first a fix amount. After that we give you 4 times profit of your deposit amount. Like if you pay Rs.10,000/-, we will give you Rs.40,000/- profit, if you pay 20,000/- Profit will be Rs.80,000/- guaranteed.

Minimum Joining Fee :

  • Rs.10,000/- : 40,000 Rs Profit
  • Rs.20,000/- : 80,000 Rs Profit
  • Rs.30,000/- : 1,20,000 Rs Profit

Our Pricing

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