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"Safal Trading" understand clients need, that's the reason we have different different trading plan for big trader also a very small trader, for long term plan or short term plan.


Guranteed Profit

"Safal Trading" not committing to give you 100% accuracy, but we give 100% profit gurantee.


Daily Updates

We updates 100% true performance on daily basis. So trust on "Safal Trading" and join hand together for a big profit.


Friendly Support

"Safal Trading" provide 24X7 support service. We have a team who will always be on touch on every trade. You can contact us by sms, messenger or direct call.


MCX Profit Sharing Call Pack

MCX Profit Sharing Tips,Gold & Silver Profit Sharing Tips,Crude Oil Tips in Profit Sharing,Mcx HNI Profit Sharing Tips,Commodity Profit Sharing Plan

As per clients demand we lounched a plan that is called "Profit Sharing Plan". In this plan it is an aggrement between traders and company where trader have to agree to share some profit to the organization.

T&C of this plan :

  • Traders have to pay Rs.20,000/ as a advance deposit. (It is 100% Refundable or Deductible)
  • 30% profit you have to share from profit. For example, if the you earns Rs.50,000, then you have to pay Rs.15,000/- as profit-sharing fee to continue next service.
  • Every Saturday clients have to pay our share.
  • Minimum you have to trade 2 mega lots in gold, silver, crude oil, copper..etc.
  • Calls will be 85-90% guaranteed sure.
  • Calls will be offer by direct phone calls, msg or yahoo messenger also whatsapp.
  • Pure intraday call will be offer.

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