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India MCX Commodity Market Blog

Gold Updates - Gold Price in India & LIVE Gold Price

Gold Updates   November 11, 2017

Gold is one of the premium commodities in India. Gold price in India is always trending due to strong buying patterns. Gold Market in India Traditionally Gold has been required as a long-standing investment tool to evade against inflation and also safe investment. However, over the previous decade Gold has become a smart trading asset for different class of investor’s which in return has translated to sure amount of instability in the prices. Gold Market in India exists as spot and future contracts through the three of main commodity exchanges - MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange) and NSEL (National Spot Exchange).

If you are look for different investment or to hedge against inflation, or just for trading and investment purpose the so-called electronic gold (or commodity futures market) will provide ways to meet your needs. Gold prices rise owing to sure factors like surge in imports, under-performance of financial markets, for a moment due to uncertainty over future expectations. Apart from other asset classes (mainly real estate) Gold has for all time provide higher returns. MCX Gold contract are in two variants, the main contract is of 1 kg, whereas the Gold Mini contract is of 100 grams. Other than this, Gold Guinea and Gold Petals are also traded in India.

Gold Updates:

Gold spot and gold futures prices also change as per the demand supply in world markets. Most active contract is available on our site. There is forever debate over what is the most excellent investment option Gold or Equity. Gold has known significantly higher returns around 183 per cent (till 17th February, 2014) when compare to Nifty which has given a negative 3.3 per cent return from 2008 further than. Open interest, which is the number of futures positions that are open is continually changing with amplify or decrease in prices. Open interest shows futures contract that are not delivered or closed on that exacting day.

A rise in open attention along with rise in prices is careful to be bullish (positive) bias towards future prices. In the same way, a rise in open attention along with rise in prices is reverse expectations of a bearish (negative) trend in the near term. Also latest price trends, like day-on-day rising prices or falling prices reveal the investor (traders) sentiment in the markets. Our website track both the rising and falling trends over a period of three/five and seven trading days. Separately from Gold futures on MCX India, Gold is also offered as Jewelry, Gold coins, Gold bars and Gold ETFs (Exchange traded funds on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges). Coins can be buy from banks, and jewelers.

External factor that can have an result on Gold prices Gold are precious by import and other duties - Gold prices are forever rising due unsure economic conditions like strong imports, monetary policy, increasing labor costs for gold mining companies, tighter regulations in some countries and far above the ground volume of currency variation crossways international markets. India is main consumer of Gold but there is rising Chinese demand also. China is second largest importer of Gold after India. The demand for gold is far exceeding supply. Due to this Gold price has become speculative and hence near future we should see some consolidation in the gold mining industry. Gold Culture in India Indians has fascination towards Gold and hence there are cultural and emotional reasons attached. Every special day be it wedding, festival etc Indians prefer to buy Gold. Buying Gold particularly on a auspicious day is a tradition for every family in India.


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